WOW! We’re coming up on our 23rd Annual Winter Concert with special guest CHRISTYLEZ BACON. We started doing these events before Chris was born. We’ve been exited by his hip hop music, beat box and musical charm and we think you will be too. We’ve written NEW SONGS with banjos, beatbox, rhymes and of course, plenty of audience participation fun. Come and join us. And, we host our 23rd annual MARVELOUS TOY DRIVE. Bring a new toy for a needy child (voluntary). There are plenty of kids who will need them this year.

Saturday, December 6, 2008, 1pm -ONE SHOW ONLY
Takoma Park Middle School
7611 Piney Branch Rd    Silver Spring, MD 20910
Tickets: $10 in advance, $12 at the door
Advance tickets are available at:
House of Musical Traditions
7010 Westmoreland Ave., Takoma Park, 301-270-9090


Watch Cathy & Chris jam at the Birchmere on banjo & beatbox.

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ENJOY THIS SONG for the holiday of THANKS! From “Pocket Full of Stardust” available at Peace & Happy Holidays.

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© Cathy Fink, 2 Spoons Music, ASCAP

I’m so busy all day long sometimes I do not take the time to stop and think about the things that I am grateful for
So when I climb in bed at night and mama’s turning out the light I think the day is finished but I know there’s one thing more

Thank you for flowers
Thank you for trees
Thank you for Mama and
Thank you for me
And my little brother who drives me insane
I guess I should thank you for him just the same

Thank you for colors in my crayon box
Thanks for my pockets that I fill with rocks
Thanks for my table and my reading nook
Thank you for someone to read me a book

Thank you for promises kept in the wind
Thank you for bicycles and for my friends
Thank you for ice cream and for chocolate cake
I can not believe how many pieces I ate

Thank you for birds that are chased by my cat
Mom says I shouldn’t be thankful for that]
Thank you for snowballs and sledding and ice
The world looks so beautiful all dressed in white

Thank you for Papa and Grandma and Gramps
Then there’s our puppy that we all call Champ
Thanks for the baby they brought home last week
Dad says she’ll grow up and be just like me

Mom thinks this song might go on all night long
Thank you for having her teach me this song
I forgot some but she turned out the light
I think that my thank you’s are over, good night.


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Halloween is coming. Costumes are in the making. Pumpkins are being carved and decorated. Here are a couple of Trick Or Treat poems you can use instead of knocking on doors and saying “Trick or Treat!”

CONTEST-CONTEST: Send your own poem in to We’ll publish the BEST ones on this blog on November 1st.

Trick or treat trick or treat
Give me something really neat
May I sneeze one hundred sneezes
If I do forget my pleases
By Marcy Marxer

Roses  are red,
marshmallows are white
If you eat too many
Your pants will get tight!
By Jesse Hicks Silverberg

Thanks you for your candy
Thank you for your kindness
I’ll be back next Halloween
So thank you your highness
By Spencer Perkins

Howdy, Howdy, Halloween
I’m in disguise I can’t be seen
My eyes are blue, my tongue is green
And every color in between

Click for photo Conjurer Meets Pumpkin